Selective School

The best education is probably a combination or class teaching and private tutorship. It is unrealistic to have a teacher for each student. But combining some personal tutoring with smaller classes seems to give the best of both worlds. Class learning is important not only for the subject matter taught but also for giving the child some realistic perspective. Learning how to work with others, realizing that these others have different perspectives, and understanding where an individual fits in with others are all important life skills. This works best if the individual child is amongst others of similar academic and social ability. Selective schools find the most capable students and provide class education at a suitable level. This serves to both foster learning through the influence of other capable students living up to higher standards, and to give a realistic perspective, with the individual quickly coming to understand that there are others or similar intellectual ability to themselves. Entrance to selective schools is difficult. Private tuition and extra group classes can help individual students reach their potential. No incapable student could expect to successful enter a selective school, but students with the intellectual ability can be taught time management, motivational skills and solid subject matter to successfully work to the highest standard they are capable of. We aim to bring student to their true potential, giving them more choice in their educational and career path.

Selective School Ryde

Our Top Ryde campus caters to students preparing for selective tests, as well as for students with a foreign background needing English tuition.

Selective School Rhodes

Rhodes students wishing to prepare for selective school test can benefit greatly from classes and tuition at Global Language Academy’s Top Ryde Campus.

Selective School Gladesville

Students in Gladesville can benefit from classes and private tuition at the Global Language academy campus at Top Ryde.