Opportunity Classes

Opportunity classes exist in the 5th and 6th form of some NSW schools. These classes are aimed at the more academically capable students; admission is via a test. Often the individuals from opportunity classes will later attend selective schools, though this is a general trend and not a guarantee. Opportunity classes have some of the benefits of selective schools; students are placed with others of comparable academic ability. This tends to both encourage the students to perform to their potential, and to give them a realistic perception of their abilities, as they realize that they are not the only smart child. An advantage Opportunity classes have over latter selective schools is the mixed social scene outside of the class. The academically capable students have more advanced work and fellow students inside the classes, but have the more mixed student body amongst the rest of the school. This exposes them to the diverse range of people they will encounter in society.

OC Ryde

Student can benefit from coaching for the Opportunity class test. More advanced students benefit from a different approach to material. Coaching does not teach more facts; it looks at how students can draw ideas from the facts given, how they can be creative with information, and how they can use their abilities.

OC Rhodes

General primary school classes have to cater to the common denominator of the class. Such a generic approach can have is disadvantages for individuals with potential. Tutoring for Opportunity classes can take students beyond the limits imposed by general education, encouraging lateral thinking and original insight. Individuals with potential can do well on OC tests and other general intelligence tests once they are taught the correct approach and start to develop a deeper understanding.

OC Gladesville

A more advanced understanding is a difference of type, not of degree. Students with potential can feel held back by conventions. Some advanced coaching often allows a student to get beyond wrote learning and see the connections between and within facts. Independent thinking will give a student an edge when it comes to the type of intelligence tests used for OC classes.