Opportunity Classes – Rhodes

Opportunity classes are for academically advanced students in 5th and 6th grade. These classes benefit the individual students by placing them in a group of other students of comparable academic ability. This tends to both encourage individuals to perform to their ability, and give them a realistic perspective on their status with other students. Individuals quickly realise their potential while recognising the ability of their peers.


Opportunity classes have some of the benefits of selective schools, with individuals students receiving a programme better suited to their abilities. Rather that teaching a generic curriculum, something designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator of the class,  the individuals are encouraged to work and learn independently, approaching the same course material as others, but from a unique perspective. Students in Opportunity classes are more likely to go progress into selective schools, though this is a general trend and not a guarantee.


Coaching for the opportunity classes teaches a different approach to learning. It does not focus on the facts, but on how the students can draw on the material they encounter, find the connections between facts, and develop their own ideas. It encourages students to be creative with the information they encounter, and to use their academic abilities to full potential.


OC Rhodes

Some advanced coaching allows a student to get beyond wrote learning and see the connections between and within facts. Students come to see beyond the limits imposed by general education with lateral thinking and original insight. Advanced coaching develops independent thinking that gives students an edge with the type of intelligence tests used for OC classes.  This will set eligible student on a more advanced path of learning.