Naplan Course

The NAPLAN test is given to all 3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th grade students across NSW. It looks at basic literacy and mathematic skills, and aims to address any problems with individuals or schools. The NAPLAN test is generally not considered a test that the student can prepare for. But this is a misconception. There are no ‘facts’ to learn for the NAPLAN test. It is not about knowledge but skills. The NAPLAN test is about literacy skill and numeric ability, the foundations for so much of education. These definitely are skills that can be learnt, but they tend to be something acquired over time with practice; they cannot be simply memorized.

NAPLAN Course Ryde

Given the universal need for language and mathematics we can understand the emphasis they receive in all education. It is impossible to study almost any subject without language; every individual need language in modern society. If you fear you child is being held back by a lack of fundamentals, which sometimes affects the brighter students, it can help to have some additional coaching. We address this issue.

NAPLAN Course Rhodes

It would seem strange that fundamental skills such as literacy and numeracy could be compromised in any education. But if education is focused on test content or wrote learning, and if children are exposed to social media conventions or colloquial speech rather than grammatically correct written English they may find they struggle in some areas of language. Clear language should be intuitive. Some tuition can remove misunderstandings and quickly improve an individual’s use of language.

NAPLAN Course Gladesville

The NAPLAN test looks at the basic numeric and language skills of both students and teachers. This is useful when looking for areas that need improvement. When schools were self-assessing there was no way to find problems; schools corrected themselves via their own criteria. They might then pass mistakes onto their students. The NAPLAN test set a more widespread standard for all schools to adhere to. It also set a standard for those who are home-schooled.