The IELTS test accesses English proficiency for potential immigrants to Australia or other English speaking countries. It is the most popular of all the English language immigration tests.

IELTS has two streams divided into 4 categories; a general IELTS test for immigrants working in Australia and an academic IELTS test for those wishing to study at University level. In both tests Reading, writing, listening and speaking are assessed. The listening and speaking components of both general and academic tests are identical.

Each of the IELT test’s four components are graded from 1 to 9, with 9 being the highest. Immigration requires a minimum of 6 in each category. Academic requirements vary according to the intuition and programme, with a minimum of 7 being fairly common and higher scores required for language based courses such as journalism.

IELTS tutoring is often required for individuals who have English as a second language. IELTS tutoring in Sydney based GLA are ten hour preparation courses comparable to the cost of the test itself. Even those individuals with reasonable proficiency in the English language often benefit from the IELTS tutoring course as the test has specific requirements not easily anticipated. It is usually a better financial option to take the IELTS training course than it is to repeat the IELTS test.

Individuals who perform adequately on the general IELTS test may well need tutorage in order to achieve improved results in the academic stream of the test. As the university requirements vary all individuals should investigate what their intended program entails.

Successful entry into an academic program guarantees neither an employment offer nor eligibility for employment. It is not unusual for IELTS requirements in many professions to be higher than the IELTS requirements previously needed for study in that same profession. Global Language Academy in Sydney provides IELTS tutoring for successful university graduates who find they need higher IELTS scores in order to practice in their area of study.

IELTS tutoring in Sydney based GLA can help any potential immigrants hoping to move to Australia, potential students hoping to study in Australia, and graduating students who require improved IELTS results in order to practice in their area of qualification.