GLA prepares individuals for the IELTS language test.



IELTS, the International English language Test accesses the English proficiency of potential immigrants to Australia or other English speaking countries. It is also used to assess individuals’ suitability for some professional occupations, and is an entry requirement for many university and tertiary education courses. Professional occupations and universities tend to require better results than general immigration. An academic stream of the IELTS exists for this purpose.


Both the academic and general IELTS test have four components, each graded from 1 (the lowest) to 9 (the highest).

The four sections are:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Speaking

Immigration requires a minimum of 6 in each component. Academic IELTS, which has more advanced reading and writing components, requires a minimum of at least 7 in each section for University entry. Some language based university courses require higher results.


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English language proficiency is a combination of formal learning, language exposure and practice in everyday circumstances. The idea that language is simply absorbed through exposure is an exaggeration or myth, as is the idea that children learn without effort. People forget the effort they made when they were younger, or the time spent learning language in school. Acquisition of language requires some formal instruction.


At GLA we understand that fluent language required formal education, individual practice, consistent language exposure and individual tutoring. All these approaches are needed for achieving satisfactory results in the IELTS test.


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There are four components on the IELTS test. It is not uncommon for individuals to need more help in some component areas than others. Individual tutoring enables effort to be concentrated on the areas that require help, whether reading, writing, speaking or listening.


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It is common for IELTS requirements in many professions to be higher than the requirements for study in the same area. Practice in the language when studying does lead to some improvement, but many individual looking for employment require some additional IELTS tutoring.